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Professional Event Bartender

When you're looking for a bartender that shows your guests a great time, Prestige Event Service LLC awaits! As a mobile bartending establishment, we truly bring the party to you. Your guests won't have to hassle with paying by the drink; you supply the alcohol, and we provide the service. The result? An amazing open bar and even more amazing beverages. Let our friendly staff dazzle the atmosphere with all the classics like fruity Margaritas, delicious Long Islands, and even a few concoctions of our own. Your good time is our good time!

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Bar Service

With our standard bar service, Prestige Event Service LLC, we do it all to ensure your event is fun and memorable and that includes taking care of all the little extras!

  • Cups
  • Straws
  • Napkins
  • 2 Garnishes
  • Ice
  • Bar Set-Up & Tools
  • Bar Menu Sign
  • Bar Decor

Prestige Service

Get the very best when you choose our Prestige Service. See what all is included below!

  • Cups
  • Straws
  • Napkins
  • 4 Garnishes
  • Mixers for Mixed Drinks or Ingredients for Specialty Cocktails
  • Bar Set-Up & Tools
  • Custom Bar Menu
  • Bar Decor

Bar Decor

With Prestige Event Service LLC, we help tie your event together by matching colors and themes. Napkins and cups can also be customized with your event as well to complete any party theme!

Staffing Services

We help staff all events, whether you need staffing to come with our Bar services, or are a venue or catering company that needs staffing for events. $35/hr for all servers & bussers.

Bartending Only Service

With our our bartending only service, you supply the drinks and set up and we provide an onsite bartender to work the bar for you! Keep your guest's drinks coming with our expert bartending service. Pricing starts at $60/hour.

Up-close view of Martinis

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