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What started off as a hobby, Christy founded Prestige Bartending Service. Accompanied by only a few staff members. As the years went by not only did her passion and dedication for her hobby continue to grow, but her team has grown tremendously as well. Allowing her to make her hobby into her daily drive.

While still working across North Texas at various venues and restaurants, she met Angel along the way. Ever since then the two have been inseparable. With Christy's business thriving, assistance was definitely needed in the back of house. By entrusting her long-time best friend, and co-worker, Christy bestowed the honor of the title Co-Owner, to her now business partner, Angel. What started off as brainstormed ideas, banter of owning a business after closing shift, or while out for a few drinks, has now become their reality.

Without further a-do Christy and Angel welcome you to the adventure of two like-minded entrepreneurial bartenders. Presenting to you Prestige Event Service LLC!

We couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to officially launch our rebranding! None of which could have been made possible without our loyal staff. We all have always enjoyed providing that extra BOOM-BAM to events, and we look forward to being apart of your special event!



Founder/CEO - Christy


Co-Owner/ Partner - Angel

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Prestige Event Service LLC

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